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Finka Table and Tap




Name: Michelle Diaz

Occupation: Kitchen Manager

Lives In: Pembroke Pines

Restaurant Pick: Finka Table and Tap

Reviewed: Finka Table and Tap

I went to visit the restaurant with a group of 8 of my close friends from school. Finding parking was easy. We got our names on the list and stood outside and waited 45 minutes for a table to open. We were seated in the patio section which appeared to have at one time been completely outdoor but had been remodeled with walls and windows to close it in. Fans kept the room at a comfortable temperature. We sat at a long narrow high-top all the way in the back of the room. We ordered many appetizers for everyone to share but my favorites were the vaca frita tostones and the mushroom risotto. The two sauces that are drizzled on top of the tostones (one is a cilantro-lime and the other is a chipotle mayo I believe) play off each other and the saltiness of the meat in such an incredible way you can’t help but go back for more. The risotto was perfectly cooked, creamy and the rice with just the tiniest bit of bite to it. For dinner I had the vaca frita flatbread. It is cooked in a wood burning oven so the char on the bottom of the flatbread is appealing to some but not others. I enjoy it and again the salty vaca frita and the sweetness of the caramelized onions play off each other in a delicious way. No dessert for us, we were way too stuffed. For drinks I had the fresh-squeezed house lemonade. It was delicious and clearly made with a simple syrup and not just raw sugar which I appreciated. Our Server was attentive and never showed our large party any annoyance with all of our requests. All in all, an excellent visit. Finka has its own special vibe to it. The staff all have unique personalities that, similar to the owners, stand out. The ambiance and décor work well together and make you feel relaxed while still wanting to have a good time with friends and family. I love this place and recommend it often. The food is delicious, flavorful, and different from a lot of places in the area. The worst part about this place is that it is almost always busy but the wait for the table is well worth it!

Name: Andre HoSang

Occupation: Commercial Insurance Specialist

Lives In: Downtown Miami

Restaurant Pick: Cliff’s Caribbean Restaurant

Reviewed: Finka Table and Tap

When we walked into Finka, we noticed the cool music playing. It was 3 of us including myself, we were seated right away. First thing we did was order a drink from their cocktail list, I ordered a passion fruit tequila drink that was excellent, my friend had a whiskey and my wife had a watermelon juice. Then we went crazy ordering all those appetizers. I was not disappointed by any of them, my favorite app I would have to say was the mac n cheese, their Mac n Cheese was incredible, the flavor was excellent, and the real hit is that it comes with Carne Asada and bacon on top. You can really taste the flavor on the carne asada. I had the oxtail and mushroom risotto which was just delicious. The oxtail was cooked perfectly; the meat was coming off the bone with a fork perfectly. That was me just trying to be fancy, I usually eat my oxtail with my hands. I am Jamaican so I know good oxtail, that oxtail was fantastic. I can only imagine how long it was marinating in that wine reduction sauce. Very flavorful. The mushroom risotto was also delicious and the perfect complement to the oxtail, they really went hand in hand together. We also ordered the Korean fried chicken that was fried perfectly and topped with sesame seeds, I love that! It was my first time having Korean fried chicken and being a fried chicken connoisseur I understand what the fuss is all about now. At this point the 3 of us are all ridiculously stuffed, ordering dessert at this point would just be excessive, we literally had zero room left. The food quality was a 10/10 as well as the taste was a complete knockout. Having said all this we all had a wonderful experience and I cannot wait to go back.

Name: Lucy Nunez

Occupation: Hospital Clown

Lives In: Miami, FL

Restaurant Pick: Shawarma Mediterranean Grill

Reviewed: Finka Table and Tap

Finka is a rustic, cozy place with food that has a comforting flavor, all for a very affordable price. I was telling my friends to try it even as I was there! I went at noon on a Tuesday in November, so I was taken care of immediately. Plenty of parking, attentive, friendly staff. There are lots of choices for dessert- the cookie skillet was very well done, large portion, and tasty. It is a nice option for the Kendall area, I’ve lived there for twenty years and it’s good to have some variety. The prices are more than reasonable, so I left a 20% tip. The music was a blend of Latin Caribbean and non-latin carribean which was very enjoyable.

Restaurant Information

Location: 14690 SW 26th street Miami, FL 33175 
Parking: Plenty-large shopping center
Phone: 305-226-8818
Restaurant Owners: Eileen Andrade
Executive Chef: Ofer Cohen
Pastry Chef:

Type of Cuisine: Latin-Asian
Signature Dishes: Cuban fried rice + Korean fried chicken
Vegetarian Options: Vegetarian fried rice +kimchee fried rice +noodle salad
Alcohol Served: Full bar/ craft cocktails and beer
Corkage Fee: $15
Bottle Limit: None

Restaurant Hours: 
Monday –11:30 AM- 11 PM 
Tuesday –11:30 AM- 11 PM 
Wednesday – 11:30 AM- 11 PM 
Thursday –11:30 AM- 11 PM 
Friday – 11:30 AM-12 AM 
Saturday – 11:30 AM-12 AM 
Sunday –11:30 AM-12 AM

Meals Served:
Prix Fix Menu: For parties of 30+
Take-Out: Yes
Delivery: No
Average Dinner Price Range (per person, full meal, tax, 20% gratuity, w/o alcohol): $25-$30
Average Lunch Price Range (per person, full meal, tax, 20% gratuity, w/o alcohol): $15-$20
Payment Options: do you accept credit cards and if so, which ones? Yes, All
Accept Reservations: For parties over 10+ Monday-Thursday
Need Reservations: No
How far in advance do you require reservations be made: N/A

Accommodations for Children: Yes
Dining Style: Casual chic
Disabled Access: Yes
Restaurant Size: Large- Occupancy 200
Accommodate Groups: Yes
Private Dining Room: Yes
Tables with Scenic Views: No
Outdoor Dining: No
Entertainment: Owners playlist