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The Local Craft Food and Drink


Name: Staci Langston 
Occupation: GIS Analyst
Lives In:Miami, Florida
Restaurant Pick: The Local Craft Food + Drink
Reviewed: The Local Craft Food + Drink

We walked in and were greeted by a hostess, and we pointed at the bar and she nodded that we could sit down. As soon as we sat down the woman behind the bar laid down the menu (which is constantly changing). She asked if there were any questions and told us the menu had food on the front, then cocktails, then wine, and pointed to a chalkboard for their rotating beer taps. My husband opted for a classic old fashioned and she gave him 4 recommendations for bourbon or whiskey. I then ordered a Tom Collins and requested gin, she gave me some options that she would recommend and also told me her favorite. She prepared our drinks and dropped them off, a few minutes later she asked us if everything was good, and it was. She didn’t pressure us to order right away, which we liked, we just wanted to relax and enjoy ourselves. We decided to have the fried green tomatoes, which was a new addition since we had been there last. They were large slices of tomato with a light crispy crust, topped with a ball of burrata cheese, Florida products of course. I didn’t care for the preserves that were with it, but the burrata was fresh and clean tasting coupled with the tomatoes. Overall, very good. We then got a second round of drinks when a second bartender noticed we were done and came over and instantly offered new drinks, and he made them for us without us having to even clarify what we had. When the first bartender came to pick up our dishes we then ordered our main dishes. I ordered The Burger, which is available in limited quantities, they also only serve at Medium internal temperature, which is fine with me, but maybe not others and my husband ordered the fish and chips made with catfish. We continued relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere and our drinks and food arrived in a timely fashion. The Burger was amazing. It’s topped with a disc of fried American cheese. And it was so deliciously decadent (in a cheese sense, which is the best sense). The burger patty itself was seasoned well, and the American cheese is made in house, and doesn’t taste like anything you can buy in the store. The burger was Instagram worthy as soon as you cut into it. My husband’s catfish came with two huge filets that were super crispy with a beautiful flaky fish inside. It came with a hot sauce and a fennel tartar sauce. He said it was some of the best catfish he’d ever had, which is saying something! Each of our meals came with hand cut fries that were perfect and chunky. We both couldn’t finish our meals, so we had to get a takeout box. The check came in a timely fashion, not too fast, not too slow. We love this place and will continue coming back, the changing menu, the great friendly staff, the high quality drinks, and the relaxing modern atmosphere.

Name: Lanae Lawford 
Occupation: Fashion Stylist
Lives In: Hollywood, Florida
Restaurant Pick: Royal Pig Pub
Reviewed:The Local Craft Food + Drink

Pretty easy to find. As most downtown areas require street parking, The Local Craft is no different. The space is quite small but to its benefit. The quaint surroundings help to usher in close conversations and distant chatter amongst the patrons. We sat at a table ornamented with fresh flowers, clipboard menus, and a Gin bottle carafe filled with tap water. The walls feature several chalkboards with local businesses that supply their products and food. There is one flat screen humming a sports game indistinctly under the crowd. The bar seems to be the hub of this brick bistro with mixologist intermingling with seated guests as if they are old friends. The décor is ingenious. Our server was key to our experience. His name is Justin but on our check it read “Jellybean”, which is a slight indication of our banter. He offered a personal recommendation of the best dishes to sink into (pun, definitely intended). We ordered Hen & Dumplings to start which arrived to our table as a soup. Initially we were traumatized. I mean where is the fried chicken breast dipped in battered seasoning and flour dumplings that we expected? Nonetheless, we sampled this concoction. Amazing! Never would have ordered this as a soup but when we return we will surely order this first. Our ‘Jellybean’ chuckled and revealed this was intentional to mislead us into thinking that the meal was indeed not a soup. We also ordered BBQ chicken with a hash brown and pickled watermelon rind. Nothing was less than amazing. The plates were small in portions, yet fulfilling. I still would categorize them as tapas. We joyfully ordered another drink and let Jellybean bring us a platter of fish and chips which appeared to be the popular choice. Hot fresh catfish batter dipped and crispy. The best I’ve ever had. I could go on but it is the same sentiment with each dish-simply amazing.

Name: Robey Barnes 
Occupation: Pastor
Lives In: Pembroke Pines
Restaurant Pick: Jack’s Old Fashioned Hamburger House
Reviewed: The Local Craft Food + Drink

I love Coral Gables. So hearing about another restaurant in the area caught our interest. We pulled up to the restaurant on a quieter street just a couple blocks off miracle mile. We were lucky to get a spot in front of the restaurant but not so lucky in finding quarters for the meter. I was able to make change nearby fairly easily. We walked in to find a hip little spot with about 20 to 25 tables and moderate bar. It’s decorated in a gentle restoration industrial style. Not so much that it is trying to prove itself to be a hipster spot, but enough that it gives a nod to its allegiance. We found a table and asked the server to talk us through this experience. He was very casual in his demeanor. We would soon find out that the laid back vibe of this place is rare, but fun, pairing with its exquisite borderline gourmet dishes. We opted for the 3 course tasting menu. We started with what I guess was an amuse-bouche, but of course this place is too chill to use a word like that. He placed a few bites of their Chicken skins starter in front of us with a casual, “here, try this while you wait.” It was fantastic with the creamy and spicy dipping sauce. Course number one was hen and dumplings and steak tartare, one word…..WOW. The hen and dumplings is a creamy stew and it’s one of those dishes that put you in a quandary on your second visit- you want to try something new but how can you not order that again. It was phenomenal. The steak tartare was also fabulous. I would never order tartare but I will order that again. It came with four toast points, the tartare, and pickled mustard seeds on top, dabs of other things that I can’t pronounce but were delectable. The colorful and deliberate presentation itself is what first told me that the food is not as casual as the atmosphere. After course one I was pretty expectant. Course two was also fantastic. It was an oyster mushroom battered and over a poached egg and a creamy stew with pulled pork. Let me say this- four dishes so far, all great, and all brand new flavors to me and all ingredients I am not familiar with. The last course, the chef gave us something familiar- meat loaf and fried chicken. They had familiar flavors but the same obsessive attention to fresh styles and new presentations. For dessert we had the S’mores layer cake. The chocolate cake perched next to a smear of gently toasted marshmallow sauce and next to it sat a homemade…wait for it…Nutella flavored marshmallow. What can you say after the word “Nutella”? I should have just omitted this entire paragraph and written “Nutella.” Well done Chef Bryant. You wowed us!

Restaurant Information

Location: 150 Giralda Ave. Coral Gables, FL 33134 
Parking: Street
Phone: (305) 648- 5687
Restaurant Owners: Carmen Mallea
Executive Chef: Phil Bryant 
Pastry Chef: Michelle Munne

Type of Cuisine: Southern, small plates
Signature Dishes: Steak tartare, fried chicken
Vegetarian Options: Yes
Alcohol Served: Yes
Corkage Fee: $25
Bottle Limit: 2

Restaurant Hours: 
Monday –12:00 PM – 2 AM 
Tuesday – 12:00 PM – 2 AM 
Wednesday –12:00 PM – 2 AM 
Thursday –12:00 PM – 2 AM 
Friday – 12:00 PM – 2 AM 
Saturday – 4:00 PM – 2 AM 
Sunday – 11:00 AM-2 AM

Meals Served:
Prix Fix Menu: Available for large parties
Take-Out: Yes
Delivery: Yes through delivery dudes + grub hub
Average Dinner Price Range (per person, full meal, tax, 20% gratuity, w/o alcohol): $30
Average Lunch Price Range (per person, full meal, tax, 20% gratuity, w/o alcohol): $15
Payment Options: do you accept credit cards and if so, which ones? All major credit cards
Accept Reservations: Yes
Need Reservations: On weekends is helpful
How far in advance do you require reservations be made: No requirements

Accommodations for Children: High chairs
Dining Style: Small plates
Disabled Access: Yes
Restaurant Size: 50 seats
Accommodate Groups: Yes
Private Dining Room: No
Tables with Scenic Views: Window table
Outdoor Dining: Coming soon!
Entertainment: Not currently