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Tipsy Boar



Name: Eric Snow 
Occupation: Aerospace Program Director
Lives In: Hollywood, Florida
Restaurant Pick: Tipsy Boar
Reviewed: Tipsy Boar

Rather than our usual Friday or Saturday night, my wife and I opted to visit Tipsy Boar on a Wednesday night with my brother & sister in law – two newbies to Tipsy Boar. We opted to park on one of the adjacent streets whereas our in-laws opted to park in the Tipsy Boar valet lot. Service was quick and friendly. I had been wanting to try The Tank Brewery IPA beer and our server was quick to provide a shot-glass sample; we ordered drinks and appetizers – all of which came out very quickly. Bacon-wrapped dates were absolutely delicious and creamy! The Tipsy Boar Chicken Wings with onions were crispy and good. And to wrap it up, the cornbread (jalapeno with syrup) was moist, cake-like, and basically a dessert! We moved on to ordering entrees. I noted that our server never wrote anything down. The ladies ordered Millionaire Chicken Panini’s (my wife’s go-to item), my brother-in-law ordered the Tipsy Boar burger (never had boar before), and I went with my go-to item – the always satisfying Margarita Pizza. Although the entrees took a little longer than normal (about 15 minutes), the food was delicious! Millionaire Chicken Panini’s – very moist, bread toasted nicely, plenty leftover to take home, Tipsy Boar Burger – cooked to medium perfection, juicy, and truffle fries were delectable. Margarita Pizza - indeed one of the top margarita pizzas I’ve ever eaten: crispy, tasty, flavorful, and always satisfying! While eating, the manager came over to check on us – all good with our table! We also noted that the normal Wednesday night guitar player came in with his guitar but did not set up to play because, I believe, his normal spot was taken by some patron; he opted to drink with regulars at the bar. After wrapping up some leftovers, our server brought us our checks (split perfectly between the couples) and we exited the Tipsy Boar – tipsy on great food & drinks, and from a great evening!

Name: Alex Bokor 
Occupation: Judge
Lives In: Miami, Florida
Restaurant Pick: Pamela’s Restaurant
Reviewed: Tipsy Boar

We drove to Tipsy Boar so we could only have one beer each, and that was our only mistake. This is a really good place to have some non-diet delicious food and enjoy some beers and cocktails with a significant other or several friends. It is just casual enough that it is not a fussy night out but has enough good energy that you still feel like you “went out” for the night. We did something we never do—we ordered two things with truffle flavor- the deviled eggs and the fries. Both were delicious and surprisingly even though I could taste the truffle they didn’t leave that overpowering taste in my mouth. The burger was rich and perfectly cooked, it was a slight bit on the greasy side but in a good way- it was perfect with the beer and clearly they know how to cook a good burger that’s juicy and satisfying. I’d definitely add it to my list of places to meet my Broward friends. I would really recommend this place to anyone in North Miami-Dade or Hollywood area. It is so fun and so comfortable and the food really matches the great beer selection. It’s the kind of non-pretentious gastropub you dream of.

Name: Gina Pelaez 
Occupation: English Teacher
Lives In: Hialeah
Restaurant Pick: Ball and Chain
Reviewed: Tipsy Boar

The Tipsy Boar makes sure to stand out in its food while still offering a bit of that sports bar feel in terms of entertainment. Everything we tried was a standout dish and the huge list of rotating craft beers made this beer aficionado one happy camper. Once a month, my three girlfriends and I meet for a book club meeting. We call ourselves the BCBs (Book Club Bs) because, well, we are a bit discerning when it comes to our book club picks. We are equally as picky about our meeting places. After 7 plus years of monthly meetings, you learn a thing or two about the right sort of place to meet up for a chat on a book while enjoying a meal and some drinks. This has proven to be quite a task in the past, we like to enjoy a drink or two but don't want to be in a happy hour environment to do so. One of the girls is moving to Hollywood next month so we figured we should start scoping out the options and decided the Tipsy Boar should go first. The parking situation was a little frustrating. There is a parking lot right next to the restaurant but you can't access it from the main road and you have to have exact change available. Once you pay, the restaurant takes the $3 off your bill. We didn't know this till we were seated and waiting on two other girls to arrive so we parked in a private lot which charged $5 for 3hrs. On to the food and service, our waiter was very patient as we sorted out the parking issue and waiting for our party to be in full attendance. We quickly ordered the goat cheese croquettes which were so good we ordered a second round before finishing the first. The plate came with four little fried discs of crispy, cheesy perfection. Rather than being overwhelming the balance of cheese and apricot broken up by the thyme and paired with chives and almond slivers presented on the plate made for a great start to our meal. One of the girls ordered the lobster BLT tacos as her dinner plate while I went for the Mahi Mahi sandwich blackened and upgraded to the truffle fries. Another is on a diet and ordered the house salad topped with grilled Mahi while our 4th friend had already had dinner so only indulged in appetizers at first and then ended up sharing my generous sized Mahi sandwich and fries. Each dish was basic in presentation but cooked and flavored to perfection. It was surprising in fact, because what looked like typical bar fare ended up being quite the delight. We each truly enjoyed our dishes and appreciated the attention to flavor detail which is often overlooked in the bar scene. The outdoor seating area made for the perfect environment to enjoy a book club meeting while indulging in a nice beer selection. With over 40 rotating craft beers on their draft list, it was difficult not to pick a couple to try. More often than not, hosting a book club meeting on a week night is tough because the type of places that offer the right environment (somewhat quiet, full bar and dinner options) close too early for us to make it in time after settling our kids in at home for bedtime while still having enough time to talk before the place closes. The sort of places that stay open late enough are usually too loud and crowded. This was the first time in our 7 year history where we were able to have great drinks, enjoy a nice evening breeze without being hurried due to closing time and in an area that was quiet enough for us to be the ones making the ruckus. Unfortunately, we didn't make it to dessert thanks to the great drink selection and because we just had to double up on those goat cheese croquettes. A second visit soon is definitely in order.

Restaurant Information

Location: 1906 Harrison St, Hollywood, FL 
Parking: Yes
Phone: (954) 920-2627
Restaurant Owners: Jose Castellon
Executive Chef: Craig LaValley 
Pastry Chef: Jean Pierre

Type of Cuisine: American
Signature Dishes: Burgers-pizzas-lobster mac and cheese
Vegetarian Options: Yes
Alcohol Served: Yes
Corkage Fee: Yes
Bottle Limit:

Restaurant Hours: 
Monday –12 PM- 1 AM 
Tuesday –12 PM- 1 AM 
Wednesday – 12 PM- 1 AM 
Thursday –12 PM- 1 AM 
Friday – 12 PM- 2 AM 
Saturday – 12 PM- 2 AM 
Sunday –12 PM- 12 AM

Meals Served: Goat cheese croquettes, lobster tacos, burgers, pizzas
Prix Fix Menu: N/A
Take-Out: Yes
Average Dinner Price Range (per person, full meal, tax, 20% gratuity, w/o alcohol): $30
Average Lunch Price Range (per person, full meal, tax, 20% gratuity, w/o alcohol): $20
Payment Options: do you accept credit cards and if so, which ones? AMEX, Discover, Mastercard
Accept Reservations: Yes
Need Reservations: No
How far in advance do you require reservations be made:

Accommodations for Children: Yes
Dining Style: Casual
Disabled Access: Yes
Restaurant Size: 4,000 square feet
Accommodate Groups: Yes
Private Dining Room: No
Tables with Scenic Views:
Outdoor Dining: Yes
Entertainment: Yes- guitar players etc.