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Vienna Café & Bistro



Name: Ambar Candanedo 
Occupation: Research Associate
Lives In: Miami
Restaurant Pick: Cardon y El Tirano
Reviewed: Vienna Café & Bistro

We came for breakfast on Saturday morning. It was very easy to find parking since the restaurant is located in a large shopping center with other restaurants and even a Publix supermarket. I had made reservations a few days prior for the High tea service and when we arrived our table was ready. I have to say that I was impressed with the elegant presentation and attention to details. The restaurant itself is small but cozy. They have displays of their beautiful fine china collection on shelves, pictures of the Royal family throughout and even a small fireplace to set the mood. Our table had the tea setting with all its pieces as well as scattered rose petals to decorate. We were seated in a nice little section next to the "fireplace". Our server came and brought us some vials to smell for our tea selection; to be honest I was a bit disappointed with the teas, I had high hopes for really good quality tea and these were lacking all around as far as scent, flavor, and variety. I choose the Earl Grey but was not very happy with it. They bring you tea bags and fill the tea pot with hot water; while the right way to do it is to provide you with your own personal tea pot with the loose leaf tea inside which is perfectly measured and heated to compliment the type of tea. As appetizer you get the options of soup or salad, I decided on the French onion soup.nice flavor, perfect portion. My guest had the cream of asparagus.which was amazingly flavorful and super creamy with pieces of asparagus in it. Then followed the 3-tiered stand with the sandwiches and sweets. Our server recommended we start with the scones since they were warm from the oven.they were fantastic, moist with a nice crumb and crispy edges served with clothed cream. From the sandwiches my favorite was the cheese and onion.I was pleasantly surprised by this flavor combo and really enjoyed it, cheddar cheese with thinly sliced red onion on a buttery croissant. There was also a croissant sandwich with turkey and tomato, and tuna with cucumber as well as egg salad on multigrain bread triangles; they were all pretty tasty. For dessert there was a type of chocolate mousse cake but I didn't quit enjoy it, although it was not very sweet I did not find anything interesting about it. The high tea was a nice experience and the food was good but I guess I had higher expectations since this is a British inspired café. I also noticed we were the only ones that were doing the tea and everyone else was ordering very delicious looking sandwiches and I kind of felt that maybe that was what we were supposed to order instead, so it made me feel that I was not entirely satisfied. Most likely I will come back and give it another try, maybe for lunch and have one of those sandwiches.

Name: Tom Chiarella 
Occupation: Bar Owner
Lives In: Pompano Beach
Restaurant Pick: Mussel Beach 
Reviewed: Vienna Café & Bistro

Parking was easy. We walked in and the server said sit anywhere, it wasn't crowded. Outside café-seating available. We were given menus with Soup of the day and entrée specials, but no info from the server on either. After we ordered our sandwiches we noticed a specials board so we flagged down our server and ordered two cups of soup. Lobster bisque and French Onion which came out quickly, not very hot, but tasty, the sandwiches came out before we were done with soup. Dessert was Peach Bread Pudding. It was good. Overall an OK experience. A little pricey. Sandwich with potato chips. No pickle, no cole slaw.

Name: Patricia Bitnar 
Occupation: Wealth Management Specialist
Lives In: Fort Lauderdale
Restaurant Pick: Vienna Café & Bistro
Reviewed: Vienna Café & Bistro

Four of us went to lunch, we found lots of parking space. The restaurants décor is unique, lovely, English and quaint. The restaurant was packed at noon and we only waited 10 minutes, the server was outstanding and accommodating. The food quality stands out! It is fresh, perfectly seasoned and delicious. Portion size is just right. Highly recommend their soups and quiche. We were there for 2 hours and the server was attentive until we left. Love the place for lunch!

Restaurant Information

Location: 5724 S. Flamingo Rd. Cooper City, FL 33330
Phone: 954-680-6599
Restaurant Owners: Hector and Sandra Guerra
Executive Chef:
Pastry Chef:

Type of Cuisine: European Continental
Signature Dishes: : English Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pudding, Shepherds Pie, High Tea Sandwiches
Vegetarian Options: Yes
Alcohol Served: Beer + Wine
Corkage Fee:
Bottle Limit:

Restaurant Hours: 
Monday –9:00AM- 4:00 PM 
Tuesday –9:00AM- 4:00 PM 
Wednesday –9:00AM- 4:00 PM 
Thursday –9:00AM- 4:00 PM 
Friday – 9:00PM- 10:00PM 
Saturday –9:00AM- 4:00 PM 
Sunday –9:00AM- 4:00 PM

Meals Served:
Prix Fix Menu: N/A
Take-Out: Yes
Delivery: No
Average Dinner Price Range (per person, full meal, tax, 20% gratuity, w/o alcohol): $20-30
Average Lunch Price Range (per person, full meal, tax, 20% gratuity, w/o alcohol): $15-25
Payment Options: do you accept credit cards and if so, which ones? Yes, All
Accept Reservations: Only for high tea service
Need Reservations: No
How far in advance do you require reservations be made: N/A

Accommodations for Children: High chair
Dining Style: Casual
Disabled Access: Yes
Restaurant Size: 37 People
Accommodate Groups: Yes
Private Dining Room: No
Tables with Scenic Views: Yes
Outdoor Dining: Patio seating 5-7
Entertainment: Friday nights